Beatbox Kitchen

Raph's Beatbox Kitchen

It can be stated quite categorically that the terms ‘food van’, ‘gourmet’ and ‘hip-hop’ are rarely heard in the same sentence, until now that is. Previously known for his entrepeneurial credentials in the fashion, music and publishing games, ideas man Raph Rashid’s latest and greatest venture looks set to top the lot and delightfully confound pigeon-holers the world over.

Beatbox Kitchen is Raph’s take on a mobile diner, with a hand-held comfort-based menu put together with Wu-like scientific attention to detail. There are grain-fed Raph Burgers with stereo sauce (I’m claiming best burger in Melbourne), pan-fried chicken schnitzel wraps, portabello ‘shroom burgers for the vegos and the Eddy Current -endorsed dessert – Cool Ice-cream brownie/ice-cream sandwiches, all washed down with a sweet chai shake. Raph has spent years perfecting this menu, sourcing ingredients and testing on an appreciative and ever-expanding list of friends and family. Burp!

The icing on the cake is that the van looks like a huge freakin’ ghetto blaster, complete with ‘ejecting’ tape deck service windows and genius custom detailing by partner-in-crime Beci Orpin. Raph is debuting Beatbox Kitchen at Meredith this weekend, then at various functions and around northside neighbourhoods all summer. And if ya don’t know, now ya know.

Catch the Beatbox Kitchen around the streets of Brunswick and Collingwood, check twitter for when.




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